September Offerings!

Mick Wright Caricatures studio continues to be busy with a steady flow of commissioned work coming in and trying to juggle various projects of my own, including a new children’s book. My last one “My gran Could have Scored From There” is still doing the rounds at various publishers who obviously think it’s far to good to share with you lot!! Nearly had my eye out the other day when squeezing a blocked tube of crimson acrylic. T’was almost the old blocked hosepipe gag where you look down the end of it and suddenly the blockage clears. Well the paint missed me and now adorns the white walls of my studio!

            a couple of recent commissions.. 



Had a really busy day yesterday….3 live jobs, 2 at DeMontfort university and then a wedding at Hothorpe Hall in the evening, mind you, I ate really well…3 buffets in a day!

pre buffet pic!


Sam and his bro’s and Nana, Hothorpe Hall


a long blank canvas I’d had for ages sprung to life last week!


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