Live Work

How long do you work for?

Generally for 2-3 hours as I go cross eyed if I work longer! For corporate trade shows, a day rate can be negotiated with breaks included and hopefully refreshments too!

How much do you charge?

I have a set fee for 2 and 3 hours work within a 20 mile radius of my studio. Travel expenses are added to work further afield. Please contact me to enquire.

How do I pay you?

Bank transfer or cheque or good old fashioned wonga!

How do I secure a booking?

Once terms are agreed, I send out a confirmation form, which must be signed and returned. If it’s a private booking, a £50 deposit is required.

When is the best time during the wedding to book you?

In my experience, the best time to book me at a wedding is immediately after the wedding breakfast. Trying to work when people are eating and staff are table waiting is not a good idea!

How long does it take to draw 1 person?

Less than 4 minutes.

What size paper do you use?

A4 Paper

Can you draw more than 1 person in the picture?

Yes, I can get up to 6 people in one picture, ideal for families and workmates!

Do you work outdoors?

Yes if adequate shelter from sunshine/rain/wind is provided, as problems can occur from direct sunlight causing people to squint and getting too hot, and the wind can blow long hair about

Will you draw everybody at the wedding/event?

It is practically impossible to draw everybody, but most of your guests will be entertained as they witness my fantastical drawing!

What requirements will you need?

I am pretty much self contained but I do require adequate lighting. Some places I have been asked to work were darker than caves making it extremely difficult to reach the high standards I set myself.

Do you stay in one spot or do you move around?

I prefer to move around, mixing and mingling with your guests.

What happens to the caricatures?

They are rolled and kept safe with an elastic band, ensuring the don’t get spoilt between the venue and your toilet wall!

Photo Work

How do I send photos?

Click here to open a new email to me and remember to attach your images before you press send!

How long does it take?

Generally 10 – 14 days after receiving acceptable photos

How many photos do you need?

2 or 3 recent and clear photos, where eye colour is discernable, preferably not taken outside!

How much does it cost?

Click here to find out!

How do I pay?

Bank transfer, cheque, PayPal

What size are the pictures?

Head and shoulders caricatures are usually A4 unless a large group is involved. Themed pictures are usually A3 but for larger groups I use larger paper

What if I don't like it?

I do my very best to create a unique and humorous piece of art for my clients, (please refer to my testimonials page). Please consider carefully, if you are ordering a caricature as a gift, whether the recipient is suitable as payment is non refundable.