Mick Wright Caricatures London Workshop

Mick Wright Caricatures Day Out In London!

Mick Wright Caricatures took a trip down to “The Smoke” on Monday to deliver a Mick Wright Caricatures London Workshop to Insight Investments. This helped the team wind down after a hard day and revealed some hidden talent too!

The workshop started as Mick demonstrated how to draw caricatures on a flip chart at the front of the room. Taking the group through the process step by step, they all produced masterpieces of Donald Trump, Bruce Forsyth and her maj the Queen!

Insight Investments used Guinea pigs!

Then it was the turn of some of the group to become models! Michelle and Lee volunteered to be guinea pigs as the rest of the group attempted to draw them, assisted by Mick Wright Caricatures..

Michelle…she was chuffed to bits!!

Lee….not quite so impressed!!

Insight Investments draw Mick Wright Caricatures

The group then got their own back by drawing me! I definitely need to keep my eye on the budding competition!

Mick Wright Caricatures draws Donald Trump and Bruce Forsyth

Mick produced caricatures of Donald Trump, the Queen and Bruce Forsyth for the group, explaining step by step how he approaches his work. The group listened intently and produced some fine results themselves!

Mr Trump! by Mick Wright Caricatures

Bruce Forsyth by Mick Wright Caricatures

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